Become a BSAC Beachcomber!


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Do you like going to the seaside? Would you like to experience our great beachcomber adventure?

By taking part in beachcombing you can learn and discover some fascinating facts about the amazing creatures living in the rock pools along our seashore...

There are many different types of marine animals and algae (different types of seaweeds) living on the British seashore. So many, that it would be difficult to list them all. Some can be seen more often than the others.

By taking part in the BSAC Beachcomber activity you will be helped to identify the marine creatures you may find while beachcombing. We have a fun, fact-filled guide to the most common British marine life that can be found in our rock pools.




But before you start rummaging around rock pools, you need to learn about seashore code:
The Seashore Code has been designed to keep you safe while on the seashore and to help you protect and respect the marine environment.

• Tell someone where you are going and when you are planning to come back and if you can, take a  mobile phone.
• Always check the weather and tides before setting off.
• Walk carefully over rocks, they can be slippery and you can also damage the marine life attached to the rocks.
• Do not take any marine life home with you. You can take some photographs though.
• Always take your litter home!
• Report anything unusual that you find to an adult. Do not touch anything if you are not sure it is safe
• Respect and replace any stone or seaweed exactly how you found it – it can be a home to some marine animals!

lobsterTop Tip - Don't forget to wear the right clothing to protect you, wear sunscreen if the sun is shining and always, always make sure you have good, non-slip footwear.
Guideline – You can record your beachcomber adventures in our Activity log!



How to get involved ...
Ask your parents to find out more infomation - click here



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