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An encounter with the world's second largest shark is an awesome experience - and one that is possible around our own shores. Up to 12m long, these gentle giants can be found around the UK during our summer months, mainly in Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Scotland.

Described as playful underwater pups, diving with seals is an encounter you will never forget. As they nip your fins or play tag with your bubbles, it is an unbelievable experience. With colonies of seals around the UK - from Northumberland's Farne Islands, to the Isle of Man and Cornwall - they are a true British diving delight.

The UK has a diverse marine environment with more than 7,500 miles of coastline to explore. Coupled with a wide variety of inland waterways, lakes and quarries and we have a real divers' paradise right on our own doorstep.


Last Updated on Jul262013