Plasticine workshop - how to create your own tank and marine critters

You need an adult to help you create your tank!


altHow to create a tank:

  1. Draw and cut circles (or rectangles) on the two opposite sides of the box to create portholes.
  2. Paint the box blue (inside and outside) alt
  3. Cover part of the bottom with sand and brown plasticine and place driftwood and rocks round the bottom of the box

All you need is some marine critters:
During our first workshop we will create a crab.


How to create a crab:
    1. Divide orange plasticine into 9 pieces (1 bigger, 2 middle size and 6 small)
    2. Roll 1 big piece and 6 small pieces into balls
    3. Squash big ball to create a circle; push lightly your thumbs into the middle of the circle turning it around to create a 'mushroom' cup
    4. Roll out small balls into equal size cylinder shapes and bend in the middle
    5. 2 middle size pieces should be shaped into a rectangles (cuboid) to create claws.
  1. Take two small pieces of the white plasticine and roll them into two balls
  2. Divide black plasticine into three very small pieces;
    roll two of them into balls and one roll out to create small cylinder shape.
  3. Assemble all together as shown on the picture

What you need to create a tank:

  • cardboard box (shoebox is suitable)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • paint brush
  • blue paint
  • sand
  • if you wish: driftwood, some small size rocks
  • if you wish: brown plasticine to create muddy seabed  






What you need to create a crab:

  • Plasticine: orange, white and black

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