"I was watching a sea-life documentary when I decided I wanted to learn to dive so I could see it for myself. My parents were very supportive - they used to dive a lot, so knew what to expect. We had to find a club that would take a 12-year-old and Mid Herts SAC was the one. Everyone at Mid Herts was lovely right from the start – they now feel like family! I started my training in a group of older people but it was never a problem, everyone has been so kind and supportive. The hardest thing was that I felt quite claustrophobic – at first all the kit felt tight and I was nervous about going into open water. But I had a great instructor who would hold my hand when I needed it – and I got over my fears."

HANNAH BROWN joined a BSAC club at 12 to learn to dive. She now sees her club – Mid Herts SAC – as family and travels for an hour each week for her club night.


"I would just like to thank all who were involved in the Dive Fest weekend in Anglesey! We had a fabulous time and the Beachcombing was really enjoyed by our boys Matthew & Jack. The packs we came home with were lovely, especially the certificates and t-shirts. We would really like to get our boys (and ourselves!) snorkelling, so could you pass on any info that might be useful?

Many thanks again for a superb event which was so very well run. You were all extremely professional and ultra organised!"


"Thanks for organising such a FAB weekend, the kids and adults really enjoyed themselves."

starfish"My daughter and I recently took part in the excellent BSAC Beachcomber activity as part of the Anglesey Scubafest. What a treat to go hunting in the beautiful rock pools of Anglesey with a marine biologist to offer expert advice, it was amazing what we found under seaweed and hidden in the sand! This is an excellent introduction to the coastal environment for our budding water babies; I think the oldies had just as much fun too! My daughter is rightly proud of her certificate and t-shirt, thank you BSAC!"


"I was the youngest in my training group but it really didn't bother me – it didn't make a difference and I enjoyed learning
with the adults. I think 12 is right to be the minimum age to start – I knew I wanted to learn to dive. I felt that at the age of 12, I was old enough to make that decision for myself. I just love being in the water and all the creatures I can see – I'm fascinated by sea life, although I can't wait to dive a wreck."
ADAM PETCH, from County Durham, is a member of Tyneside SAC and qualified as an Ocean Diver three
months after his 12th birthday.

"It was great fun for all the family and very educational for all of us. We spend a lot of time on beaches and it was really nice to be able to ask an instructor all those questions we have always wanted to ask a marine biologist. The delivery of the course had the right balance for the little ones to keep their attention."
McChesney family

lobster"The BSAC Beachcomber course was great, I really enjoyed myself discovering different things in the rock pools, especially finding a mermaid purse, a big crab and touching sea anemones on the rocks, the whole experience was really fun and we discovered and learnt loads about the creatures that live in the and their environment, I can't wait to do it all again, soon I hope!"



"I did a two-metre reef dive on holiday in Egypt last year and it was awesome – I felt like a ghost, hovering and gliding in the background watching all these fish and not being seen. When we got home, I kept bugging my dad to let me learn and, three days after my 12th birthday, I finally got my chance. My school friends think diving is a cool thing to do, and were impressed when I brought my qualification card in and when I appeared in my local paper. Learning to dive so young has been great fun and I've gained skills and experience I would never have had. When I grow up I think I want to be a pilot or a diving instructor. My brother Isaac, six, is already wanting to learn to dive, as he is fascinated by sharks but he's got a bit of a way to go yet!"

SAMUEL MARLE, from Morayshire, Scotland, qualified as an Ocean Diver in August. His father Martin, an Advanced Instructor, has played a key role in his training and they now dive together.


"I always wanted to dive and my aunt, who is an Advanced Instructor, has always been a diver. I wanted to see marine and fish life and diving just seemed the natural thing to do. I joined Chorley Sub Aqua Club and it didn't take me long to pass my Ocean Diver certificate, then I passed as a Sports Diver when I was 14 and now I've qualified as an Assistant Instructor."

Jacob Bestwick, 16 from Chorley Sub Aqua Club



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